Samuil works in the field of all the existing media, by multilevel treating various subjects of the day, trying to execute and investigate different aspects of the topics he is interested at that moment. Sometimes he is skeptical and often with the means of sharp irony. Recently he is working over the issue about how much visual arts is related with the image and whether art is something that happens in the space between the viewer and the work. 

I like finding a meaning in the small, local or ordinary thing which questions, threats or even explains global human subjects and processes. To me the art is a form of un-verbal relations which has a potential to shift “the matrix” and I rely on that. 
Самуил Стоянов

Thinking while looking or looking while thinking – thus looking evolves into seeing, or into what Samuil Stoyanov is interested in – “thinking vision”. This is a theme which lately, periodically and persistently, appears in his works, yet it has nothing to do with visual experiments or optical effects, but is fully associated with conceptualizing the visual action.
Daniela Radeva – curator and art critic