20 Billion Stars


action, ceramic stars, photographs, plexiglass – 4 boxes


Project description

The present work “20 Billion Stars” is part of a series of similar boxes and uses as material photo-documentation and artefacts of action (of the same name) held by the artist for 30 days in the summer of 2011.

During the renovation of the central square of his home-town (Dobrich, Bulgaria) Samuil Stoyanov goes regularly to the work-site and casts ceramic stars from red clay in the still wet concrete. Inlaid and built up stars creates a new map of a universe, which, unfortunately, will probably remain undiscovered forever.

The square named “Svoboda” (Freedom) has a total area of about 150,000 square meters, which are overlapped entirely.

The funding of the reparation of “Freedom” Square is OPRD of the European Union and the action of the artist is made within the project “Art of Urban Intervention”, which is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.


2015 – Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary 2015, Vienna, Austria; Curators: Iara Boubnova and Vessela Nozharova
2012 – The Sun and Other Stars, Astronomical observatory Nicolaus Copernicus Varna, Bulgaria
2011 – Art Of Urban Intervention, ICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria